Sustainable fashion is about sourcing raw materials and engaging in production methods that consider the environment. And it’s about smar t wardrobe choices; quality over quantity. Pieces that endure in style and resilience.

All materials take from our planet, but some are more sustainable than others. We are committed to creating from the most sustainable fibres we can source whilst staying true to the premium quali- ty, buttery-soft fabrics our customers have come to expect and love.

At MOS The Label, where possible, we source fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. We minimise the use of harmful chemicals, excessive water and energy usage and waste in the production of our garments and milling of our fabrications.

We favour fibres that are eco-friendly in their composition and construction. We actively source textiles that have the following criteria;

  •  Created using renewable resources
  • Reduced energy and water input required in processing
  • Less chemical usage and consequently less toxic to humans and the planet 
  •  Can be washed less frequently and at lower temperatures